Pulley Cloth Hangers


Pulley Cloth Hangers

We specialize in the manufacturing, supply, and installation of pulley-type cloth drying hangers, foldable floor cloth stands, and wall-mounted cloth stands for all types of residences. Our hangers are stylish, modern, space-saving, and compact, making them perfect for drying clothes both indoors and outdoors. Gone are the days of using messy ropes that needed constant tightening to prevent sagging.

Ceiling Clothes Drying Hangers – The permanent solution for drying wet clothes in balconies, wash areas, and more. Ideal for apartment and villa balconies, this system offers the ultimate convenience for drying your clothes. These ultra-modern, space-saving, and compact ceiling clothes hangers are perfect for drying clothes both indoors and outdoors.

Benefits Of Cloth Drying Roof Hangers In Rainy Season

Imagine a revolutionary way to dry your clothes without using any electricity – a zero-maintenance, permanent solution for drying wet laundry. This innovative method offers effortless convenience and sustainability, providing a modern drying option that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.

Yes, you heard right. We now offer DR Premium Ceiling Hangers—space-saving furniture with superior quality and premium design. These long-lasting cloth drying roof hangers provide an elegant solution for drying clothes, and best of all, they consume zero power.

Isn’t it interesting? Scroll down to discover more about our product and its benefits, especially during the rainy season. Today, we are highlighting the top 3 advantages of cloth drying roof hangers, which can also be mounted on the wall.

Especially during the rainy season, when drying clothes outside is nearly impossible, this product offers the perfect solution for indoor drying.

Drying clothes becomes a difficult task during the rainy season, causing many problems in domestic life. Regular electric clothes drying machines are not only challenging to use but also expensive and space-consuming. Our new innovative cloth drying roof hangers offer a simple and easy mechanism for drying clothes in your bedroom, balcony, or outdoors, providing a convenient and affordable solution for everyday living.


1. Very Easy to Operate: Our ceiling hangers feature an individual rod pull-down system, making them extremely easy to operate for everyone, from kids to elders.

2. Small Space Saver: Our ceiling hanger system is designed to fit perfectly in small balconies and utility areas. We also offer customization to meet your specific requirements.

3. Free Installation: We provide free installation of our top-quality ceiling cloth hangers with no hidden charges.

4. Available in Ready-Made Sizes: The EverDry cloth drying ceiling system comes in ready-made sizes of 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, and 8 feet. Each set includes 6 rods, two wheel patties, and one stopper to hold the thread.

5. Maintenance-Free: Our ceiling cloth drying hanger system requires no repairs and minimal maintenance. Made with stainless steel pipes, it is durable and long-lasting. The only maintenance needed is to replace the nylon rope every 3 to 4 years.

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